In 2002, I proposed to my wife. During the preparations of our wedding, I wanted to veil her with the most beautiful jewelry in the world. To make that dream come true, we traveled the world and from all places we had visited, Paris was one of them. There, in the city of love, we unexpectedly found ourselves walking through Place Vendôme. It was that very place when we for the first time encountered a supernatural experience. The love for exquisite jewelry struck us right there. Since then, a strong burning desire arose to express this powerful creative energy and the desire to share it with people who would like to experience these feelings we felt at that special place.

BaroQco was born. We decided, instead of buying jewellery, we would start developing jewels ourselves. To this day I bring this feeling to life in any design that is created in La Maison BaroQco.

BaroQco is worn by that particular modern woman who stands out with her own fashion desire and style. This symbiosis with BaroQco makes it a perfect blend of character, emotion, passion and fulfillment…

The jewelry is a reminiscent of luscious baroque and intimate rococo art. The hand-crafted collection utilizes radiant colors from genuine Swarovski elements. To reflect the phenomenal grace of the jewelry designs, BaroQco uses audacious compositions, unusual materials semi precious gems such as jade and water pearls in different shapes and colors, in silver and gold plated.

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